Review: Blind Seer – Apocalypse 2.0

oofjmlJ.jpgWritten by David Kerber

Anyone who is frightened by the term “experimental metal” and imagines a crude, hard-to-dig genre mix with avant-garde features is in most cases right. But with the Belgians Blind Seer things are somewhat different. Although they are also part of the experimental genre, they don’t sound as chaotic and confused as many other acts of this genre.

Blind Seer blends several genres (Industrial, Prog, Alternative, etc…), but they manage to stay organic and structured. They also tend to be melodic and do not overload the songs. The double bass and many, usually abrupt, change of the tempo are their trademarks. In addition, the classical scheme “verse – chorus – verse – chorus” is mostly abolished, because classical choruses were largely dispensed with. Particularly noteworthy are the opener ‘Deafening Silence,’ ‘Sanctuary’ and with its gloomy basic mood (partly almost black metal) superbly intonated ‘Guilt.’

Blind Seer always manages to surprise the listener with new nuances and arrangements. With Apocalypse 2.0, the Belgians have a very varied and exciting album that never gets boring. The only downside: the guest musicians (including Johan Nuñez from Firewind) are not well heard, so you don’t know what tracks they actually play on, and with ‘My Mind Can’t Feel’ there is a song which for many listeners probably will sound too abstruse and crude. Otherwise, I’d recommend the album to metal fans with a taste for the exotic. Finally a band with courage to the unusual – Class. 7.5/10


Wan – Vocals
Asthar – Guitars, Bass, Synths, Theremin
J-Mo – Drums

Label: Massacre Records

Out: 21. Juli 2017

Duration: 52:43

Track list:

  • Deafening Silence
  • Revolution
  • Total War
  • Apocalypse 2.0
  • Sanctuary
  • Guilt
  • Secrets Untold
  • Journey To The Unknown
  • Spirit In The Machine
  • My Mind Can’t Feel
  • Eternity
  • Starman (David Bowie Cover)

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