Betrayal – German Death Metal with a Progressive Edge


Written by Brett Kihlmire

Formed in 2005 by Manuel, Kilian and “a couple of fellow musicians,” Betrayal took its inspiration from a slew of notable heavy metal legends such as Death, Behemoth, At the Gates and King Crimson. Of course, the band doesn’t simply lift the style of the heroes, instead going for a more progressive death metal style.

“At the same time, we try to give our music the required brutality and rhythm, which in combination builds an atmosphere that leads you to keep listening to the music and make it fun to perform live,” says Alex, the band’s rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist.

Two years into their journey together, Betrayal released their debut extended play in 2007. A slew of live shows would follow their emergence onto the scene with some notable shows being played with Deadlock, Eisregen, Fear My Thoughts and Equilbrium. Unfortunately, by 2009 the band was left without a rhythm guitarist, bassist or a lead vocalist.

The first to fill the void in Betrayal’s lineup was Alex on guitar, but the band wouldn’t see a lasting lineup until the end of 2014 when Philipp joined on bass and Alex officially took over lead vocals – Alex would also take on songwriting duties, as well.

With their lineup finally solid, the band released a demo in late 2015 and the full length album Infinite Circles in summer 2016, putting the band back on track for success. As of this writing the band is working on their follow up album, which they hope to unleash on the scene in early 2018, but their main objective is getting Infinite Circles the attention it deserves.

On a quest to build up their respect in the scene and launch their second album to critical acclaim, the band has been rocking the Bavaria and Hessen scenes for quite some time. Though touring was out of the question for 2017, they guys always put their best foot forward to deliver a live that show that Alex describes as “great performed finest death metal and four guys who work their balls!”

Though the band is centered in their home region for the foreseeable future, their music is easily accessible on the web. Thus far, the band has released an official video for ‘Contamination’ and ‘Fighting Perdition.’

For more information and, if you’re within travel distance, show schedules, check the band the band out on their official Facebook page and give them a like. Death metal of this caliber is not something that comes around every day.




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