Live Review: Reaching Into Infinity World Tour


Written by Elliot John Doe

Photos courtesy of Darker Arts Photography

Dragonforce have been a band to be reckoned with since their inception in London in 1999 when they were originally known as DragonHeart. After the release of their latest album ‘Reaching Into Infinity’ there was a big buzz throughout the entire worldwide metal community and fans could hardly contain themselves when they announced their return to New Zealand. I have the full report here from the band’s show in the capital.

Fallen Order kicked off the night with some classic heavy metal anthems, warming the crowd up nicely and getting people moving. Tandem lead guitars, resilient drumming and powerful bass encapsulate a groove matched with the likes of Iron Maiden – clearly a big influence on these guys, not to mention several sing along chants in the same vein. Classic power metal vocals go down a treat with the crowd tonight and leave the crowd well primed for what’s to come.

Bulletbelt came up next. As national support for the NZ tour they bring a darkness to the stage with their blackened metal from the get-go. After a haunting intro track the band blast in with brand new title track from their forthcoming album Nine Centuries, an absolute headbanging belter of a song – pounding drums, thrash/punk riffage, squealing leads, insane bass lines and guttural vocals combine together to deliver an awesome sound tonight and get the pit moving.The set contained a fair few new songs along with the classic ‘Deathgasm’ and finishing off with a seething cover of Sticky Filth’s ‘Dig You Up.’

The moment that everyone has been waiting for finally arrived as the Intro track ‘Reaching Into Infinity’ ascended to every corner of the venue. And after a mad rush to the front and the crowd magically seemed to double in size just as Dragonforce hit the stage with ‘Ashes of the Dawn’.

Guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman, and Bassist Frédéric Leclercq roamed the small stage and filled it with energy as Drummer Gee Anzalone kept absolute precision in leading the band, while Marc Hudson delivered on point power-metal vocals.

Before the band went any further, Hudson took the time out to inform everyone of an injury he incurred whilst in Brisbane, Australia, henceforth the wearing of a sling that night. Regardless of the injury he soldiered on to give the kiwi fans what they had so longingly been waiting for. On with the show Dragonforce lead the entire venue into a frenzy as they blast out anthem after anthem and more solos than you can shake a stick at. It was some pure metal belting – the band are truly on form.

Rounding out the night is the 2006 classic ‘Through The Fire and Flames’ and it just brings the house down.

All awesome sets from all the bands on this one of the most anticipated metal shows of the year so far in Wellington, the crowds were pumped and everyone was in true metal spirit. My only complaint was that, even though the bands played fantastically and sounded great, the overall sound of the night seemed slightly muted coming from the stage. Whether it was the sound system or the venue itself is unclear, it was still a killer show all round and it was clear that a good night was had by all. Thanks for making the trip Dragonforce!



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