Review: Black Hawk – The End of the World


Written by Rainer Kerber

Black Hawk was founded in 1981 in the Till Eulenspiegel town of Mölln near Hamburg. In the first years the band produced several demos. It took until 1989 before their debut with First Attack (a mini-LP) was published. From 2005 on five albums have been released. Musically, Black Hawk carried on guided by the heavy metal of the 1980s, thus to bands like Judas Priest, Saxon or Accept. And this sound was also packed into the current silverling. Album number six, The End Of The World was celebrated with a release party in the small music pub BaRRock in the City North of Hamburg.

If an album intro already inspires me, then the band has certainly done a lot. With “Return Of The Dragon” Black Hawk present a very good short song here. Could have been somewhat longer than two minutes, but oh well. In “Streets Of Terror,” however, they really get going with pounding guitar riffs and powerful drums. A real speed metal grenade. In “Killing For Religion” the musicians refer to a sad topic of the present. How many times wars were instigated or tortured people and even killed already under religious guise mantle.

The title song “The End Of The World” is probably the most epic song of the album with its Manowar-esque quotes – for me one of the highlights. In the style of the Trve Metal pioneers, the guitars sound majestically from the boxes; the drums provide an official mid-tempo rhythm and the bass makes the subwoofer swing. Really amazing. Moving on, Black Hawk takes no prisoners with the speed metal hit “Scream In The Night.” According to their own statements, this is the fastest song in the band’s history. Already with the singing at the beginning is clear, “Dancing With My Demons” is the legitimate successor to the grandiose ballad “Seven Years Of Pain”. And the sequel is not one bit worse. A wonderful power ballad to falling down on the knees. And the conclusion is the new recording of the band classics “Dragonride” (from the same album of 2007).

Black Hawk are playing in various metal genres, including speed, thrash and trve metal. These influences they combine into an independent and authentic sound. On each song can be observed what fun the musicians had. And they also present this live to their fans. Songwriting and arrangements are excellent, and musicians excel with high technical skill and great enthusiasm. The album is modern and well-produced making The End Of The World a star of heavy metal, and for me an absolute buy recommendation. 9/10



Udo Bethke – Lead Vocals
Wolfgang Tewes – Guitars
Michael Wiekenberg – Bass
Matthias Meßfeldt – Drums

Label: Pure Steel Records

Out: May, 19th 2017

Duration: 46:46


Track list:

Return Of The Dragon (Intro)

Streets Of Terror

Killing For Religion

What A World

Ruler Of The Dark

The End Of The World

Scream In The Night

Legacy Of Rock

Just Like In Paradise

Dancing With My Demons



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