A Short Tribute to Chester Bennington


Written by Brett Kihlmire

As unfortunate and shocking as it is to write this, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park is no longer with us. On July 20th, 2017, he took his own life at the age of 41 years old.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t the biggest Linkin Park fan, but I certainly appreciated their music, especially for the impact it had on my generation. I remember when Hybrid Theory came out and I heard ‘One Step Closer’ on the Dracula 2000 soundtrack. I was blown away and the album was in every CD player in my school, including mine.

As the years progressed, so did the band. Linkin Park always pushed the envelope on their style and whether you liked the changes that came with each new album, or the rehashings such as their co-op with Jay Z, the band reached millions worldwide.

To say the death of frontman Chester Bennington is tragic is an understatement, for he was a father of six and a husband. Whatever compelled him to take such a drastic action is not exactly known or understood, but I implore you all to withhold your judgment and remember Chester for his music, not his final deed.

I, for one, will always remember seeing him rock Alpine Valley in Wisconsin at the Projekt Revolution show around the time Meteora album was still burning up the charts. I’ll always remember the passion he had in his ballads like ‘In the End’ and ‘What I’ve Done,’ and the aggression he could put behind his screams. He was an outstanding vocalist and well loved by many.

Once more, I ask all of you to withhold any negative feelings you have about Chester’s suicide and let the man rest in peace and his family grieve. It’s the least we can do for a man who entertained us countless through concerts and hours of great music.

Lastly, enjoy this collection of videos from across Chester’s career and appreciate everything he’s given us and music as a whole, for though he is no longer among us, his music is immortal and will live on.

RIP Chester







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