Review: Northern Crown – The Others


Written by David Kerber

Two years after their debut EP, Northern Crown, the doom metallers from Florida present us with The Others, their full length debut

‘With Malicious Eye’ starts the album rather doom-atypically with an airy guitar, which reminds more of Prog, but it’s only half a minute before the typical sluggish, gloomy doom riffs churn in. Sublime, bold and epic they drift right out of the boxes, Frank Serafine’s epic, almost sinister vocals create a lot of atmosphere. Great entry into the album, which has its most epic moments to the end, when the organ starts to play along and the singing is intonated in several voices.

‘Surreality’ is a fast rocker with great riffs and (even better) Hammond organ. But such fast numbers are no longer a rarity in the doom area – it doesn’t have to always be sluggish as long as it retains a basic gloomy mood.

With “No One Came to Mourn Me”, Northern Crown leave the Metal section and enter the Dark Electro/Ambient area (comparable to Ego Likeness). Gloomy keyboard passages, orchestral arrangements, melancholic vocals and a little guitar at the end (reminiscent of Tangerine Dream of the 80’s/90’s only with vocals) create an ominous, gloomy atmosphere and a lot of depth. Doom-atypical, but still the strongest song on the record.

‘Apostate’ is then more guitar-stressed. The song begins acoustically before it is again equipped with genre-typical riffs. Here it gets more in the direction of Krux/Abstract Algebra (mainly due to the organ). So inside the album and also during the songs the music is rich in variety, as it is usually not offered from Doom bands.

‘A Pox upon Your House’ is an instrumental piece that falls back into the Dark Ambient area. Again with a lot of atmosphere and fantastically beautiful melody, almost already soundtrack-like. So close your eyes and let the inner movie run off.

With the finale ‘Les Autres’ it becomes quite epic. Eleven minutes of strong riffs, epic organ carpets and great singing (including a few growls at the end of the epic). Epic-Doom at its best. The crowning conclusion of a very strong debut album, probably the best debut ever. 8.5/10

Northern Crown – With malicious eye:


Leona Hayward Bass, Guitars
Zachary Randall Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Frank Serafine Vocals, Guitars
Josh Brown Drums

Label: Self distributed

Out: October 14th 2016

Duration: 41:59

Track list:

  • With malicious eye
  • Surreality (The tell-tale mind)
  • No one came to mourn me
  • Apostate
  • A pox upon your house
  • Les autres

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