Review: The SoapGirls – Societys Rejects


Written by Rainer Kerber

There is something going on in punk rock. Two pretty young girls, born in France and meanwhile living in Cape Town (South Africa) have set out to conquer the rock world. Since 2003 the two sisters Camille “Mille” and Noemie “Mie” Debray are already on the road. First, they performed at the sweet age of 8/9 years on the streets of their adopted city of Cape Town. Eventually came the point where they wanted to present their music on a larger scale – The SoapGirls were born.

In 2011 the sisters signed a record deal with the major label Universal, but they soon parted again to live their own creativity. The two confident young women describe their music as Revolt Rock. After the 2015 debut Call For Rebellion and the Bad Bitch EP, the girls return with Societys Rejects.

On their Facebook page the sisters give, among others, Nirvana, Napalm Death or The Offspring as musical influences. This is clearly heard in the song, but the list is certainly not complete. After several times of listening to the album I would also include The Ramones, Sex Pistols and Alice in Chains in this list. All these influences are processed by The SoapGirls to their own sound, which cannot be pigeonholed. The guitar playing of Mie is extremely variable and changes between banging riffs, punky thrashing and melodic parts. Bassist Mille provides her four-string for some real pressure. This they can also feed often in their singing, which usually echoes quite snotty from the speakers. But the sisters also master the melodic clean vocals – as a duet Mille and Mie harmonize perfectly together, especially on ‘You Hate Losing.’ They’re an awesome unit, especially with Arya Goggin from Skindred behind the battery pushing the two front ladies mercilessly forward.

The lyrics of the SoapGirls are less than lady-like. Now I have not counted how many times the girls shout the evil F-word, but also, they sing and scream their anger out into the world – they do not mince matters with song lyrics like “I’m’a break free kick the door I don’t care no fuck at all,” “she don’t wanna go to school today. Her teachers dumb she wants to,” and “You tell me that you want me that you really need me now Swallow it down.” Thus, it is also clear why the songs on Amazon are characterized as non-family (Explicit). And this attitude also hits in their videos, so there is also a censored version of the bonus track ‘Rather Be Dead’ floating on the net. Of course, Mille and Mie openly deal with themselves, their bodies and their sexuality without slipping into the grimy corner.

With a unapologetic punk attitude, i am sure that the songs and the appearance of the SoapGirls will split the music world – you’ll etheir hate it or love it. I am quite clearly to the latter. Listening to Societys Rejects is a lot of fun and the sisters also show their musical skills again and again. What’s not to love about two pretty girls rebelling against the establishment with a sharp punk edge? 8/10

The SoapGirls – Rather be Dead – Official Video:
The SoapGirls – Bad Bitch:


Camille “Mille” Debray – Vocals, Bass
Noemie “Mie” Debray – Vocals, Guitar
Arya Goggin – Drums

Label: Self distributed

Out: May 25th 2017

Duration: 55:51

Track list:

  • Societys Reject
  • Jonny Rotten
  • Waters Edge
  • Party In Hell
  • Air
  • Step Outside
  • Original Sin
  • Sams On Crack
  • You Hate Losing
  • Drag You Down To Hell
  • Play With Fire
  • Break You
  • Bury Me
  • Bad Bitch (Bonus Track)
  • Rather Be Dead (Bonus Track)

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