Review: Servant Girl Annihilator – Suicybernatic


Written by Brett Kihlmire

Released near the dawn of the year, Suicybernetic is one hell of a record from New Jersey natives, Servant Girl Annihilator. Putting the brutal in the phrase brutal death metal, this two piece kicks your ass and takes your name with eight wicked tunes with a science-fiction story topping it all off.

While I’m not much for the grindcore or gore metal genres, this is an album that can certainly convince me to see the potential. Every song is amped up to eleven with harsh and downright evil vocals pleasing the black metal aficionado within, while the guitars and drums have a strong thrash feel that just rips and tears. The use of synths and computer tricks to add atmosphere and death in key places really does the album justice, but the short song lengths drag it down a bit. For a death metal album touching on the sci-fi genre I feel there wasn’t nearly enough synths or samples to do the theme proper justice. On the flip side, the moments where there are samples and synths show up, the story really shines. And though there’s a bit of a lack on the guitar solos, ‘Mutagenic Incarnation’ satisfies with a bass, guitar AND keyboard solo!

One thing I have to point out is that the album really comes into its own about halfway through, especially with ‘Breach in the Airlock.’ This one is something of a climax for the album with remaining songs serving as a falling action, particularly ‘Marvels of Scientific Advance’ since it’s purely synths and samples and serves as something of a late album interlude. And though I personally would have saved that one for last to serve as an outro, ‘Hyperiondimensional Matter Destroyer’ was one hell of a way to end the album, but you’ll have to check that out for yourself.

All in all, this was an interesting album and an explosive one at that. If you dig death metal with a bit of an industrial feel, then by all means check out Servant Girl Annihilator. It’s good, brutal death metal through and through. And though it’s a little short, this an excellent album full of surprises. 7/10


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