Review: Riot Instinct – Kingdom of Disease (EP)


Written by Michelle Harper

Do you long for the days of old school thrash sounds from the likes of early Exodus, Death Angel and Testament? Good news! Old school thrash metal is alive and well, and it’s coming to you from Bremen, Germany. Its name is Riot Instinct and their latest project is entitled Kingdom of Disease.

In January 2017, Riot Instinct followed up their full-length album Armies of the Dead (2015) with the EP Kingdom of Disease. The latest release delivers four hard-hitting tracks that put a fresh twist on a classic thrash metal sound. The title track ‘Kingdom of Disease’ blends furious guitar riffs with scorching vocals reminiscent of a Max Cavalera/Tom Araya fusion. ‘Raise the Flag’ marches out a call to action with a searing battle cry of “Raise the Flag/Green and White,” and the tracks ‘Century of Hate’ and ‘Human Progress’ combine searing guitar solos, pounding double bass drums and the melodic screams of power vocalist Michael Simon, creating a tight, mosh pit worthy EP with heavy replay value. Kingdom of Disease is a solid effort from one of the newer faces of thrash metal and is well worth checking out.

Bottom line:  It’s a short and sweet trip down a new memory lane that will put you in a great mood to take on the day. 8/10


Riot Instinct is:

Axel Czyborr – Guitars

Gunnar Erxleben – Guitars

Thomas Kattwinkel – Bass

Michael Simon – Vocals

Schnetzel – Drums


Current Label – Independent

“Kingdom of Disease” EP purchase available at


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