News: Fibonacci Sequence Nears Release of New Album; Unveils Chapter 1 in the Cinema Finis Story


Featuring Chad Novell of Dutch-American Symphonic Metal outfit, Mercy Isle, Fibonacci Sequence is a stellar prog rock quartet from Milwaukee, WI, USA. On August 13th, 2017 they will be unleashing their sophomore effort, Cinema Finis, everywhere albums are sold.

An ambitious project in the instrumental prog rock realm, this album tells a unique story through music, art, and a series of short stories written by keyboardist Jeff Schuelke.

Follow the story to Fibonacci Sequence’s epic new album exclusively at the band’s blog. Here you will get the story behind each track in distinct short stories that you won’t hear on the album. Check it out HERE


Want to know more about the band? Get a little more information on the band itself HERE, read our thoughts on the album HERE, and get an understanding of the Cinema Finis project with the video below.



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