Review: Dirty Grave – Evil Desire


Written by Mason Powell

Grab your helmets psychonauts and don your capes dwellers of the night, Dirty Graves has called forth an aural experience.

A bit Early Man, a dab of Fu Manchu, these dudes represent a terrific example of some good ole doomy stoner rock.

‘Satan’s Wings’ opens this record like that really excited punk guy that came two hours early to show and is really drunk, in your face, exciting, and ready to fucking go! The track resembles some Early Man type riffing with some very clear and well-performed drums. Probably my favorite aspect of this album is the drum production. I’m a drummer, so I’m a little biased.

Guitar sounds reminds me of some early Fu Manchu. Gritty and fat, the guitars are prevalent in the mix but don’t overpower.

‘Until the Day I Die’ reminds me of some old Black Sabbath. Haunting guitar sounds with droning vocals over the top. Drums pound intentionally and with precision. This song features a guitar solo that while well-performed stuck out a bit in the mix. Overall, kick-ass tune!

‘Evil Desire’…what do I say about that beginning but, “thank you?” Grab this album for that nasty intro. Love the dualing southern rock style guitars on this tune. The simplicity of this tune is by far its best quality. Everything is in its place. Drum sound are big but contained. You can tell the drummer wasn’t restricted and could really play these parts but they didn’t get too loud in the mix. Shout out to that engineer! This song brings a bit of Clutch influence into the sound. Any blues rockers will definitely find it suitable.

These dudes do some rippin’ with Evil (is going on). Doubled up guitars showcased on this illustrate the skill of these guys. Slow and vintage sounding, this jam could be heard blasting out of any van at doom fest. Their southern rock influences makes them versatile in their ability to crossover.

‘Beyond the Door’ is a 53 second flyover tune with some guitar tones. This tune seems like a filer tune for the album.

‘Remorse’ shows these dudes’ riffing skills. Remorse will bang your hang and give you a nice clean guitar solo to help soothe your. The Chorus riff is simply killer in this tune.

‘You Dead’ is a face puncher! Driving out of the gates this tune focus’ on the bands clearest skill; RIFFING! Some nice double kicks and killer screaming vocals, too. Each song seems to provide some time for a guitar solo and for good reason. This is my favorite track on the album.

‘The Black Cloud Comes’ is the doomiest of doom on this record and get ready ‘cause this sucker is 8:00 minutes long! Great breaks make this tune and interesting to the album. It showcases what is some clearly underused talent in the band. Perhaps future offerings will show us more. Too often Doom bands rely on big sustain to keep themselves in time, not these dudes! They bring a tight clean doom that I am not accustomed to hearing. I think this is their best quality. Good riffing and the vocals seem better mixed than the other songs.

Overall this album is well worth checking out. Any doom fan can climb right inside and fly to the moon. Anyone into some southern rock riffs and guitar solos are also going to find lots to appreciate in this album. 5/10


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