Review: Tigersclaw – Princess Of The Dark

Tigersclaw - Princess of the dark - Artwork.jpg

Written by Rainer Kerber

Tigersclaw are a German-Russian co-production. Singer Elena Minina is a soloist at Moscow’s Gradsky Hall. Alexander Baier from Tübingen was on tour with many Female Fronted Bands in the 90s. The third is the drummer Ralf Neumann, who has worked with Alexander before. Who now believes, because of the distance, the cooperation would be difficult, is disabused by the musicians. Alexander composes and writes the lyrics. Then all instruments are recorded in a German studio. Ralf Neumann only takes over the drumming parts, both the elaboration and the recording. Then Elena can sing the vocal tracks in a Moscow recording studio. The final production is then again in Germany. The result of this work is the album “Princess Of The Dark”, with an hour of symphonic power metal flavoured with soulful ballads. So you can read in the Press Journal of the band from which there is not only a German and English version, but of course also a Russian.

And this is exactly what the trio already shows with the opener “World of the Dead.” Right from the start, the voice of Elena Minina impresses. Although she interprets the song very rocky, you can clearly hear her outstanding classical training.

In the title song “Princess of the Dark” you can then enjoy the clear soprano of the Russian singer, but she often also changes to lower pitches and thus shows what immense vocal range she has. This midtempo song is for me one of the highlights of the album. For this, “Storm of Steel” bangs really out of the speakers. Fast, almost hectic sounding guitars are driven by drifting drums. And with “Twilight of the Gods” follows the album’s first ballad, emotional melodies, calm drums and Elena’s bewitching vocals characterize this song.

Already with the first four songs Tigersclaw show their musical range, and continues for the entire duration of sixty minutes. Symphonic metal anthems (“Like An Angel” and “She Rides the Lightning”) alternate with pounding rockers (“Phantasia” and “Revelation”) and beautiful ballads (“Eternity” and “Eternal Flame”). For me, however, the Celtic “Cherokee” is the absolute highlight of the album. Elena’s singing reminds me partly of Liv Kristine (ex-Leaves’ Eyes).

Giving their influences on Facebook, which includes Nightwish, Evanescence and Dream Theater, the band’s inspirations are clearly heard. The songs on Princess Of The Dark may not have the genius of a Tuomas Holopainen or the virtuosity of Mike Portnoy & Co, nor are they as commercial as those of Amy Lee. The result, however, are thirteen sound giants of symphonic power metal, musically excellent, realised, and powerfully produced. Elena Minina sings in her very own league. For me, she is one of the best female singers in rock and metal. A more than successful debut. I’d like more of that. Please. 8/10

Tigersclaw – Eternity:


Elena Minina – Vocals
Alexander Baier – Composition, all Music/Instruments
Ralf Neumann – Drums

Label: 7Hard

Out: July 14th 2017

Duration: 01:00:41

Track list:

  • World Of The Dead
  • Princess Of The Dark
  • Storm Of Steel
  • Twilight Of The Gods
  • Like An Angel
  • Eternity
  • Phantasia
  • Eternal Flame
  • Screams
  • Revelation
  • Cherokee
  • She Rides The Lightning
  • Divine

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