News: First Bands For Metal Over Malta 2018 Announced!


Written by Rainer Kerber

In March next year the Metal Over Malta Festival will go in its fourth round. The festival takes place again in the Chateau Buskett. Located in the picturesque Buskett garden, this restaurant is venue for various rock and metal festivals on the Mediterranean island of Malta. For the fourth time the organizers, the Maltese band Weeping Silence, will present high-profile metal bands. Of course, local bands get every year again the opportunity to perform at the MoM. The first wave of bands that will rock the island in 2018, have now been announced.

One of the two headliners will be Ereb Altor from Sweden. The band, founded in 2003, describes their epic mix of Viking and Doom as “Scandinavian Metal.” Also from Sweden are the Epic Doom pioneers Isole. On the less melodic side are the Belgians Off The Cross and Steel Engraved come from Grafenau in Bavaria. No frills Power Metal is then on the program with metal band from the Tunisian capital calling itself Carthagods.

For the past ten years, Vinegar Hill from Austria have entered the stages with their melodic Death Metal. Invernoir will carry moody Doom from Italy to Malta. And lastly, Align The Tide has been announced to bring a touch of the local melodic thrash metal flavor.

It goes without saying, the fourth Metal Over Malta promises plenty of variety with something for everyone. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more announcement, including the yet to be named co-headliner. Who will it be? We’ll just have to wait and see.


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EREB ALTOR – Midsommarblot (Official Videoclip):
Isole – Hollow Shrine:
Weeping Silence – ‘Ivy Thorns Upon The Barrow’:
Off The Cross – Black Herd:
Steel Engraved at Bavarian Hard Festival 2016:
CARTHAGODS -The Devil’s Dolls (feat Marcel COENEN):
Vinegar Hill – “Firebirds”:
INVERNOIR – Gold Kills Our Dreams:
Align The Tide – Welcome To Hell: 


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