Review: Blame It On Cain – Big Down Under


Written by Brett Kihlmire

Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Blame It On Cain straddles the line between hard rock and straight up rock’n’roll with a smooth but rockin’ style. Their latest effort, Big Down Under, isn’t their first release, but it’s the first full length since reforming in 2015.

One of the first things that struck me with Blame It On Cain is the distinctive vocal style of Sam Boettcher. Not only does he sing clean and clear, he doesn’t have a generic rock feel to his voice. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to think of his vocal style at first, but the mild country feel he displays grew on me as the album carried on. But what’s a singer without a band?

Put quite simply, Blame It On Cain is a fun band to listen to. They’re far from heavy metal, so don’t expect brutal blast beats and shredding guitar. Instead, go into this one expecting slick riffs, tight solos, and steady rhythms. There’s a cheery brightness to their music, especially on tracks like ‘Hotel’ and ‘For Them,’ but they’re not afraid to rock it hard with tunes like ‘You and I’ and ‘Writing’s on the Wall.’

All in all, Blame it on Cain is a very radio friendly rock band. Their music may not hit the spot for hardcore metal fans, but for people who dig a band that’s a little lighter but still rocks, then Blame It on Cain is for you. Big Down Under is a fun album and highly enjoyable. Their songs are easy to sing along to and they have just enough hooks to get caught in your head for days. Alternative Rockers are going to dig this one for sure. 9/10


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