Review: Apate – Spit You Out EP

20046296_686982171486992_7472306545659330300_n.jpgWritten by Brett Kihlmire

Coming from Brisbane, Queensland, Apate is another heavy hitter from the explosive Australian metalcore scene. And though the region has many notable bands, Apate is one that stands out from the pack with their unique and experimental approach to heavy music.

Blending brutal metalcore elements with a tinge of nu-metal, Apate’s Spit You Out EP is a relentless assault on the senses. The EP is defined by bone-crunching riffs, agonized but coherent screams, a heavy and I mean heavy rhythm section, and a hypnotic, almost alien atmosphere. From the moment the albums kicks into full gear with the second track, ‘Bone Syndrome,’ it’s a trip down brutality lane. The band is simply unrelenting with their approach – don’t expect any ballads either, as this is one banger after another! Of course, the band definitely has some surprises up their sleeves.

Some of the standout tracks are ‘Spit You Out,’ largely due to the unexpected inclusion of clean vocals, which breaks things up nicely, the unpredictable ‘Jackal,’ and the unrelenting heavy hitter that is ‘Bone Syndrome.’ That’s not to say the rest of the EP isn’t memorable, but these three tracks stood out from the pack for their unique aspects such as clean vocals, industrial-like synths/guitar effects and unchained ferocity.

I’m not the biggest fan of the metalcore, but Apate hits the spot with Spit You Out. This extended play is a beat down that will keep you guessing, because the moment you think you have it pegged as just another heavy album, they’re pulling out some new tricks. From feral screams and sudden cleans to slick guitar effects Apate does a damn good job making their music stand out from the pack. 8.5/10


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