Editor’s Top 5 Videos and Songs of the Week

List by Brett Kihlmire



Relatively new on the scene, Neutrona (up until recently known as Dwelling) is a hard hitting deathcore act from Madison, Wisconsin, USA.  The music speaks for itself and it’s nothing short of brutal! Check out their recently track ‘Isolation’ if you’re into the dark and heavy side of metalcore.



Seven Kingdoms

Hailing from DeLand, Florida, USA, Seven Kingdoms is a relatively fresh addition to the Napalm Records lineup. Known for their shreddy guitars, gorgeous melodies, and the powerful voice of lead singer Sabrina Valentine, this is one band that power metal and symphonic metal fans won’t want to pass up! And yes, the name is a nod at Game of Thrones, but they formed long before the show!




Led by Sarah Teets (a MATG Voices of Metal alum), Mind Maze is an American progressive power metal act from Allentown, Pennsylvania. Known for their straight up heavy metal style, MindMaze rocks hard and shows that it’s not all corsets and opera for female fronted heavy metal.




Orden Ogan

Orden Ogan is a band that doesn’t really need an introduction. The German power metal act has been burning up the European charts and stages for over twenty years now. This video comes from their latest banger, the Wild West inspired ‘Gunmen.’ Enjoy the show!




American Zeros

Though this video is a little old and the band has seen a lineup change or two since creation, this track has been featured on the latest album, Red, White, Black, and Blue by American rockers, American Zeros, and it’s an earworm!


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