News: Midwest Massacre Returns to Knuckle Down Saloon


For the second year in a row Midwest Mix-Up is teaming up with Knuckle Down Saloon for one of the heaviest metal festivals of the year. Building off last year’s success, this year’s Midwest Massacre spans two days instead of just one and features over 25 independent heavy metal and hardcore bands tearing up two stages.

Think this is just another metal festival held at a dingy club? Guess again! The Knuckle Down Saloon will be hosting this event and serving up hot food and cold drinks from the moment the doors open.

Last year the MATG crew covered the show, had some great food, and got knee deep in the pit snapping photos of a slew of great bands and this year will be no different.

This is set to be one heavy show and the crowd is going to be wild. Don’t miss out on your chance to throw down with some of the best in the Midwest underground. Get your tickets today right HERE for $15 in advance, or $20 day of show. Either way, that’s a hell of a value with the amount of face melting metal you’re about experience. We’ll see you at the Massacre!


Doors Open 11:30 am – Music Starts 12:00 pm

Knuckle Down Saloon

2513 Seiferth Rd, Madison, Wisconsin 53716


Saturday 09/09/17

Main Stage
The Motion Mosaic
Drown the Lifeguard
Eye Of The Beholder
Born Into Exile
Still Standing
Living Inside Fearless Entropy
Reaping Asmodeia
Those Dirty Thieves
El Famous
By the Thousands

Side Stage

Charles Grant
Cory Park
We Are One

Sunday 09/10/17

Main Stage
These Fading Visions
Beyond Atlas
In Dying Hours
All Kings Fall
The Unnecessary Gunpoint Lecture
Earth Groans
The Fine Constant

Side Stage
Marty Clarke
Martin Henn
Jake Snell


This year’s Midwest Massacre is brought to you by these awesome sponsors

Knuckle Down Saloon
WORT-FM Mosh Pit
Metal At the Gates
815 Local Jive


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