Review: Flynn Effect – Obsidian


Written by Elliot John Doe

Flynn Effect are a 4 piece Alternative Metal outfit from Brisbane Australia, releasing their debut ‘Skin’ back in 2014, who describe their influences as the love child between Lacuna Coil & Rammstein, are a force to be reckoned with in their local scene, showcasing a theatrical flair in their live shows. 2017 has brought forth the band’s latest offering in the album ‘Obsidian.’

Opening the album is the band’s 2016 single ‘All For Love,’ full of big hook laden riffs with great drumming accents, carried throughout the track are the European EBM Keyboards that give the heaviness a brilliant flow. The music sets the perfect back drop for front-woman Tomina Vincent’s vocals; the band couldn’t have picked a better song to kick the album off.

‘Fade’ is the first official single release from the album, starting with more of a tribal feel to the music, brimming with big strings and encapsulating some ethnic percussion, not to mention those edgy Rammstein inspired riffs. Once again infiltrating the entire song with some amazing vocal hooks. This one truly is a testament to wearing their hearts on their sleeves and creating something that could quite easily be a collaboration between Lacuna Coil & Rammstein.

Beginning with a slight country feel to it, ‘Eastwood Blues’ then flips things around and comes crashing in with a razor sharp alternative metal riff. Splicing between these 2 themes throughout the track creating harmonious fusion of the aforementioned genres, yet giving it their own unique and fresh twist. Steadily paced the whole way, this one will keep you rocking along.

‘Gone’ is a big modern rock ballad, gigantic choruses and rhythm heavy verses complemented by a haunting Nine Inch Nails-esque piano. Subtle strings back the chorus exceptionally, they don’t overtake it all, they just add that extra little flair that ties the whole thing together. This kind of number was built to showcase Tomina’s vocals, plus you can really feel the emotion carry over to the listener here.

‘Tremors’ starts with a dark and gothic fused electronic path, introducing more string parts before an onslaught of alternative metal riffery, completed by some extremely well placed drums by James Laurie. A nicely executed solo from their Axe-man Jesse Higginson does the trick foregoing the return of the big strings weaving their way through a tumultuous chorus.

‘Talk’ brings forth an 80’s pop like quality, yet again with a perfect modern alternative metal infusion, the string refrain in the chorus is catchy as hell and you WILL be having it go through your head for days. All round it’s just very clever track, it has a way of twisting it’s way inside your mind, digging it’s claws in and setting up camp.

A head banging kick off in ‘The Darkest Hour’ is lent well to how the verses drop out with some smart bass work from Matt Cuff, an all encompassing goth rock tune for sure is what we have on our hands here, dark, dramatic yet deliriously pop-laden but it works.

‘The Fight’ uses more keyboards and piano to set the scene for a stripped back ballad until mid-way through the guitars hit you unsuspectingly, ginormous choruses complemented with big strings, these guys have a formula rolling and they’ve nailed it to perfection with this number.

‘Give In To Me’ is the band’s 2nd official single from this opus, adding a slightly more upbeat groove to the mix and some rocking riffs to carry the vibe along. A much more rock infused track, also noted here is the lack of strings/synths that have been prominent throughout the rest of this recording, still a solid single.

‘Never Let Me Go’ is the final track on ‘Obsidian,’ which once again fuses the classical elements with alternative metal riffs, big vocals ringing out through even bigger choruses, a darkness that intertwines with a wistfulness combining all the aforementioned facets into one final bow before the curtain is drawn.

A Great follow up to their debut, ‘Obsidian’ shows how a band of Flynn Effect’s ilk can draw on their influences, hone it in and make it their own and ultimately come up with their own sound. Somewhat a little pop-esque and repetitive in sections but you can’t escape those fantastic hooks that draw you in. I’ll be looking forward to seeing these guys live at some point on their forthcoming tours in support of the release, solid work! 7/10


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