News: Womanowar Hit With Copyright Infringement And Rocks On!


Written by Brett Kihlmire

Manowar, they really need no introduction. This is one of the biggest bands in heavy metal history. Known for their huge sound, setting and breaking world records (including a few of their own) and their (depending on who you ask) reign as the Kings of Metal, the band has earned a massive worldwide following over the last three decades. As expected, covers are abound and a few tribute acts have sprung up over time. One such tribute act is the recently formed Womanowar.

Made up of three-fourths of American power metal act, A Sound of Thunder, the band formed as a fun side project after ASoT released a covers album, which featured a Manowar cover. And though a female fronted “feminist Manowar tribute band” is both hilarious and totally metal, Manowar’s label doesn’t seem to appreciate the act, especially their YouTube presence.


On September 4th, 2017, it became public knowledge that YouTube took down Womanowar’s live video for their cover of ‘Manowar’ and issued a strike at A Sound of Thunder’s channel following a copyright claim by Circle Music LLC. The story was quickly picked up by MetalSucks and written in the most absurd fashion possible, which left most who read it probably thinking it was satire. That was until former Manowar guitarist Ross ‘The Boss’ Friedman spoke out on behalf of Womanowar.


Thanks to this unexpected development, which pitted Circle Muisc LLC, and by extension Manowar, against the former Manowar guitarist and composer of the song in question, a lot of fans that were aware of the situation expected one hell of a battle. As it turned out, the song was quickly revealed to be the property of not Circle Music LLC but Warner Music Group, and it features a blanket YouTube license. What that boils down to is there existed no legal grounds for the video to be taken down and Womanowar is free to hail and kill some more classic Manowar songs, so long as they fall under the blanket license and don’t require special permission.


In light of these events, it seems necessary to point out that Womanowar is a tribute band with elements of parody thrown in for good fun. Though their logo and stage attire mimics Manowar, the band isn’t out there trying to run Manowar’s name through the mud or cause marketplace confusion. It’s just a fun project for a couple of Manowar fans to hail one of the greatest metal bands of all time. That being said, give them some support if they come to a town near you and watch their videos. After all, it’s not like Manowar will exist as an active band in 2018 if this world tour truly is their “final battle.”


Editor’s Note – We’re not criticizing Manowar or their label for the actions taken as we completely understand and appreciate the right to defend one’s intellectual property. As well, we’re not attacking MetalSucks either, for we understand that their articles are generally truthful but written with humor in mind.



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