Review: ELA – Second Reality


Written by Rainer Kerber

Michaela “ELA” Eichhorn spotlighted the first time in 2004 as lead singer of the band Com’n’Rail, but after an album and a two-year tour the paths of the singer and band split in 2006. As ELA, Eichhorn started her solo career. In 2008 and 2009, respectively, two solo albums were released before Michaela founded the “Rock and Racing Team” EBC Roxx with Jürgen Richard Blackmore (son of Ritchie Blackmore) and ex-rainbow keyboardist Tony Carey. However, it wouldn’t be until 2015 when a new album, entitled Nervous Breakdown, appeared.

While the first publications were still strongly pop related, the band later changed its style and now hits in the realm of melodic power metal. That being said, it was worth taking a look at the band’s fourth album, Second Reality.

Straight out the gate, ELA rocks hard with ‘Alchemy.’ On this track the drums are buzzing, the guitars fire riff after riff, and the bass ensures proper pressure from the subwoofer, and the singer has the power! One song in and it was clear that this is outstanding Old School Power Metal.

The hard hitting spirit of the album continues with ‘Comatose’ before the band slows the pace a little with ‘House of Lords,’ which features catchy guitar melodies and a sing along chorus.

‘Revenge’ is almost something mainstream and is good as an airplay song, while ‘Black Roses’ starts as ravishingly beautiful piano ballad that is later backed by strings. Eichhorn’s voice sounds partially vulnerable, partially powerful here. And thanks to the drumming, the song gets a bit more powerful from the middle.

In ‘Deadly Sins you can hear strong double bass attacks and powerful riffs. Again, the vocals can easily keep up. Despite the high speed, this song is very melodic. Later, the Power Metal role ‘Witch Of Salem’ and neck breaker like ‘Varus’ or ‘Warcraft’ provide for a lot of listening fun.

With Second Reality Michaela Eichhorn and her bandmates have produced a Power Metal masterpiece. From the first to the last minute headbanging is announced. Only at the ballad ‘Black Roses’ is there a breather. Otherwise ELA will kick your ass start to finish. The album is well-produced and Eichhorn’s singing is like a volcanic eruption. This is Power Metal as I like it. 10/10

ELA – Deadly Sins – Official Lyric Video:


Michaela “ELA” Eichhorn – Lead Vocals
Ralf Stoney – Guitar
Micha Kasper – Drums
Chris Kolb – Bass
Dean Dixon – Backing Vocals

Label: Massacre Records

Out: August 25th 2017

Duration: 46:12

Track list:

  • Alchemy
  • Comatose
  • House Of Lords
  • Revenge
  • Black Roses
  • Deadly Sins
  • Witch Of Salem
  • Psycho Path
  • Varus
  • Warcraft
  • Welcome To Zombieland
  • Lizzy Borden’s Rhyme

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