Feature: Infinitas – Folk Meets Thrash in Switzerland


Written by Shannon Reardon

Placed between mountains and cows in a small village called Muotathal, Switzerland, are the demon intrigued five-piece metal outfit known as Infinitas.

The band formed in 2009 when drummer Pirmin Betschart and guitarist Selv Martone, whom were in a rock band prior, decided that their interests were more so in the harder sound found in a metal band.

To change up the usual formula of metal bands, Betschart and Martone made the decision to have one guitarist and a violinist, as well as a female vocalst.

Coming from a rock background, the members also found influences both under the metal umbrella, such as Children of Bodom, Opeth, Winthersun, Iron Maiden, Kreator, Amorphis, and Ensiferum; though Infinitas also draw inspiration from other genres that plainly show through in their music.

“We use different elements [in our music] like folk, melodic, thrash and more mixed up with other style directions,” said singer Andrea Böll. “Because of that, some songs are hard to put into a definite genre. We [usually] define our style with melodic thrash metal, though Heavy Folk Thrash Metal would probably be even a better and more fitting description.”

Pairing with their unique sound, Infinitas also created their own way for writing songs as well as a full storyboard for their latest album CIVITAS INTERITUS.

“In our band, everyone who has time is allowed to write lyrics,” said Böll. “The only thing we make sure of is that every song is named after a demon, not because we are occultists, but because we are fascinated by the different mythologies.”

The band’s latest album, CIVITAS INTERITUS, also centrally focuses on the bleak story of a lone survivor as he is forced to meet the demons depicted in the songs.

“The album talks about a protagonist who was born in the city of Lunatris,” said Böll. “The city gets destroyed from Demons, and the protagonist runs and hides in different towns where he meets all kinds of Demons. At the very end, he is able to flee over sea as the only survivor.”

If that concept wasn’t enough for fans of Infinitas, the band also made CIVITAS INTERITUS’s artwork and inserted booklet interactive.

“You can see how the concept of the story is represented in the booklet of the album, as well as in the songs,” said Böll. “We made a city map where we marked every it with a song, so that the listener can see where the destroying takes place. The cover art work shows the beginning of the story, and on the back artwork, you’ll find the end of the story. The protagonist flees with a boat overseas and takes a look back to the destroyed city.”

Aside from putting out a new album, Infinitas has also been performing with big names around their hometown in Switzerland, such as Abinchova, Bloodhound, Alestorm, Poltergeist, Gurd, Gonoreas, and Lagerstein on Sept. 16.

The band has also performed at the festival Z7, which they cite as one of their most meaningful, and best experience.

“You have to understand that the Z7 is the Metal Mekka of Switzerland where you don’t just easily get to play,” said Böll. “[The fact] that they invited us to let us play our music was an extremely amazing experience!”

Infinitas, for the rest of the year, have planned to play more gigs, promote CIVITAS INTERINUS, and begin planning the concept for a music video.



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