Review: EnkElination (Angel Nation) – Tears Of Lust


Written by Rainer Kerber

She is probably one of the best female singers in Melodic Metal – the soprano Elina Siirala, born in Helsinki (Finland). Many know her as the new singer of Leaves’ Eyes. After her bachelor’s degree in classical singing she moved to London, where she founded her band EnkElination in 2011 – a word play from the Finnish word “enkeli” (angel) and her first name “Elina”. In the meantime, the band has renamed to the English name of the band name (“Angel Nation”). In July 2014, the debut album “Tears Of Lust” was released, followed by the single “Do It Anyway” in September last year. And because Angel Nation are working on their second album, I took a little time travel and listened intensively to the debut.

The album starts quietly with the title song ‘Tears of Lust’ – crashing riffs, rhythmic drums and the band’s trademark, the bell-clear soprano of Elina Siirala. In ‘Higher Ground’ it goes forward a little more, double bass passages provide the chorus for official degrees of hardness. The ballad ‘Lullaby’ invites one to dream. The singer pulls out all the stops of her singing skills. And at the end there is a grandiose but unfortunately much too short guitar solo to be heard. Thereafter follows a real rock song with ‘Insane.’

Another face-off tip is the melodic ‘Changeling.’ Here guitarist Shadow can show his skills once again. But the best comes at the end, the hymn-ish ballad ‘Last Time Together.’ Nightingale Elina shines again in the highest tones, while Shadow, Alastair and Ben make for grandiose and epic melodies. No better way to celebrate melodic metal.

Unlike Leaves’ Eyes, Elina’s own band EnkElination (Angel Nation) gets along without much bombast. You will hear a balanced mix of melodic metal and hard rock, performed by great musicians. The icing on the cake is, of course, the singing of Elina. And this fits in my opinion better to EnkElination/Angel Nation than to the Nordic Folk Metal of Leaves Eyes. With Tears Of Lust the lovely Finn and her bandmates have an outstanding album debut published. After several changes, the new line-up of the band is now complete. Three years after the debut, the waiting has now come to an end, in October the long-awaited successor will be published. In late autumn, some concerts in Germany are planned. Then I could experience the band live (after her performance at the Dames Of Darkness 2015) for the second time. 9/10

Angel Nation / EnkElination – Tears Of Lust:
Angel Nation / EnkElination – Last Time Together:


Elina Siirala – Vocals
Shadow Venger – Guitar
Alasdair – Bass
Ben – Drums

Label: Selbstvertrieb

Out: July 21st 2014

Duration: 44:14

Track list:

  • Tears Of Lust
  • Higher Ground
  • Never Ending
  • Lullaby
  • Insane
  • What Have You Become
  • Reborn
  • Chimeras
  • Changeling
  • Abyss
  • Last Time Together

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