Review: Shadowside – Shades Of Humanity


Written by Rainer Kerber

Shadowside from Brazil were founded in 2001 and in the same year, their self-titled EP was released. Only in 2005 the musicians released their debut album Theater Of Shadows under their own direction. The two following albums (2009 and 2011) were also produced and published by the band itself. Extensive tours led the quartet to thirty countries. Shadowside played as support for, amongst others, Iron Maiden and Helloween.

Since 2015 Magnus Rosen (ex-Hammerfall) plays on the bass. And the quartet concluded an album deal with the EMP label group of David Ellefson (bassist of Megadeth). Of course, these are the best conditions for album number four. Shades Of Humanity was recorded in the Swedish Fredman Studios in Gothenburg within 20 days, produced and mixed by Fredrik Nordström (Arch Enemy, Hammerfall, In Flames, etc.) and Henrik Udd (Architects, Dimmu Borgir, Dream Evil).

The opener “The Fall” already shows what a power voice frontwoman Dani Nolden has. Vocally, she reminds me a little of Veronica Freeman. Musically the quartet sounds like Benedictum, the band from Phoenix (Arizona). There is hardly any time to take a breath on the album. Whether „Make My Fate” or “Parade The Sacrifice”, the drumming drives the musicians to speed. Raphael Mattos always shows his skills on the guitar and Magnus Rosén extensively provides the deep notes. Still, Dani does not let her singing being pushed into the background. Only at the end the tempo is slightly withdrawn. For me the hymnic “Alive” is the absolute highlight of the album, the grand finale so to speak. The Brazilians have produced an elaborate video clip for “Alive”. Frankly, video clip is an understatement. This almost ten-minute-long short film is a true masterpiece and carries the subtitle “The Survival Of The Four Elements”.

Shadowside shows again that there are not only great football player coming from Brazil, but also outstanding musicians. Forty minutes full-throttle power metal is topped by a melodic metal epic. With “Shades Of Humanity”, Dani Nolden and her bandmates have brought out a Power Metal gem. This is pure listening pleasure, from the first to the last note. 9/10

Shadowside – Alive:


Dani Nolden – Vocals
Raphael Mattos – Guitars
Magnus Rosén – Bass (ex Hammerfall)
Fabio Buitvidas – Drums

Label: EMP Label Group

Out: July 28th 2017

Duration: 46:58

Track list:

  • The Fall
  • Beast Inside
  • What If
  • Make My Fate
  • Insidious Me
  • The Crossing
  • Stream Of Shame
  • Parade The Sacrifice
  • Drifter
  • Unreality
  • Alive

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