Review: Doll Skin – Manic Pixie Dream Girl


Written by Rainer Kerber

Since 2013, the sweet girls from Doll Skin are already underway to shake up the world of rock / punk rock. The 2015 released EP In Your Face earned the quartet from Phoenix (Arizona), a first notable success. One year later the full length album debut In Your Face (Again) was released, which totally bypassed me. Fortunately, for their second full length I was fully aware.

The opener ‘Shut Up (You Miss Me)’ gets the thing going with banging guitars, driving drums, and clean but slightly snotty vocals that shape the sound.

‘Daughter’ shows Doll Skin can play a little lighter than normal. Here Sidney Dolezal is sings in mid-tempo and Alex Snowden really shows her skills on the guitar while Nicole Rich is puts some serious pressure on your subwoofer.  Of course, lighter rock just isn’t the way for this band, because ‘Road Killa’ is back to formation these four young ladies and they rock well through ‘Sunflower’ and ‘Baby’s Breath.’ It isn’t until the (semi) ballad ‘Sweet Pea’, which for me is the best song on the album, that things slow down a bit again.

In ‘Persephone” Dolezal screams the hell out of herself and shows that she can also growl nice and evil. To top it off, Snowden puts out a crazy guitar solo. And though this is a killer tune, it pales to the crowning conclusion, which is the Alanis Morissette cover ‘Uninvited.’ Here, in part, a powerful metal-attitude strikes through, which makes the song much better than the original. And the guitar solo at the end is cinematic rock at its best.

On Manic Pixie Dream Girl Doll Skin present themselves clearly matured but without having lost their youthful freshness. An album that provides great listening pleasure from the first note, you can certainly look forward to rocking hard and enjoying every minute. I’m looking forward to further development in the future. 8/10

Doll Skin – Shut Up (You Miss Me):


Sydney Dolezal – Vocals
Alex Snowden – Guitars
Nicole Rich – Bass
Meghan Herring – Drums

Label: EMP Label Group

Out: June 16th 2017

Duration: 37:52

Track list:

Shut Up (You Miss Me)


Road Killa

Boy Band



Sweet Pea

Baby’s Breath


Puncha Nazi



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