Review: The Rock Alchemist – ElementS


Written by Rainer Kerber

Italy can well be called a mecca for Power Metal and Progressive Rock due to lot of such bands calling the Mediterranean nation. The Rock Alchemist, however, does not belong to this because they play melodic Hard Rock rooted in the ‘80s. Five years after their debut, the second album from the Italian rockers, entitled ElementS, was released with a playtime of just 30 minutes giving it an EP length.

The record starts with ‘Panic room’ and it’s quite auspicious. Classic riffs, great vocals, great solo, the best ingredients for a good song with which they are longing for the old Bon Jovi of the ‘80’s.

The second song still comes quite atmospheric from the box. A sensitive ballad with great solo, which deals thematically with the earthquake in Amatrice (hence the name ‘A-Matrix’).

Unfortunately, the guys cannot keep the level, because the next song ‘Cars’ falls off in quality and reminds not of the old but the current Bon Jovi. So quite nicely done but nothing too memorable.

‘Phoenix’ is better than ‘Cars’ but not quite as convincing as the first two songs, and the one-minute interlude ‘Thrilling Countdown’ the band should have spared completely – it is neither thrilling nor essential at this point of the album. Tension is not built in any case; a full-fledged song would certainly have been more sensible here.

‘27’ is the band’s hardest song and is just as you can expect from a Formula 1 song. The exact opposite then follows with ‘Eclipse,’ in which singer Aldo Garrone at first seems hoarse, but it’s a ballad, so relax.

The final ‘The Temple’ also deals with Formula 1 with the race track of Monza. However, unlike ‘27,’ this song is balladesk and hymn-like.

The Rock Alchemist have released a rather average album with ElementS, which does not really want to skip the spark (at least for me). Apart from the length, the outstanding songs are also missing. With ‘Panic Room’ there is one, but for an above-average album it’s not enough. The second work of the band really isn’t bad, but having five years between two albums one can’t be blamed for expecting quite a bit more. 6.5/10

The Rock Alchemist – Panic Room:


Aldo Garrone – Voice
Beppe Geracitano – Guitars
Dave “Key” Grandieri – Keyboards
Raoul Ronco – Bass
Max Gordiani – Drums

Label: Lion Music

Out: May 18th 2017

Duration: 30:44

Track list:

Panic Room




Thrillig Countdown



The Temple


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