News: Rock Is Not Dead Records Names New Exec


There’s an old saying that goes “Rock is Dead” and many say the same about record labels, but Rock is Not Dead Records, better known as R.I.N.D. Records is keeping their business alive and well in the USA.

Effective October 1st, 2017, Joe Barnes will be officially serving R.I.N.D Records as Vice President – Artist & Repertoire. As well, he will become a General business partner effective January 1st, 2018.

“I’m thrilled to be joining R.I.N.D, working with Tom [Hooks] on various projects over the last couple years has been a great experience,” Barnes says. “Tom and I share the fundamental value of ‘artist first’ which is key to the success of RIND and its roster. We’re both dedicated to the success of the artists we represent, and will go above and beyond to ensure their needs are met, which is a rarity in the industry these days.”

“Knowing and working with Joe over the last few years, I found someone who has the same ‘Artist First’ approach that R.I.N.D. Records is all about,” Hooks stated in reference to Barnes’ promotion. “It was only natural that, once available, I immediately asked him to be a permanent part of our Family…I feel with Joe on board that the sky is the limit for R.I.N.D. Records.”


About Joe Barnes:

With over a decade of experience, Joe Barnes has worked with a multitude of artists in relation to brand development, merchandising strategies, social media marketing and touring, as well as developed business and operational models for various clients in fashion, retail and concert venues nationally. His most recent work was with John Asher of Asher Media, Montreal, Quebec, Canada on the successful “Wacken Metal Battle United States,” where musicians competed for a trip to play the legendary Wacken Open Air Music Festival 2017 – a festival many consider to be the Woodstock of the international metal scene.


About R.I.N.D. Records:

Formed in 2013 by Tom Hooks in Baraboo, WI, USA, Rock is not Dead Records (R.I.N.D) is a record label and artist services company. Over the past four years R.I.N.D. has gained a lot of traction since inception due to its “artist first” approach to developing artists. The roster currently consists of national and international artists alike, and focuses on national touring and global marketing via social media.


Bands currently signed to R.I.N.D Records
The Almas- USA
Three Left- USA
Fatal Havoc- USA
Meade Ave- USA
Bad Bebop- Brazil
Darkship- Brazil

Rock is not Dead- Agency Bands
Semblant- Brazil (Management)
Fatal Havoc- USA (Management)
Meade Ave- USA (Management)
Infected Rain- Moldova (North American Agent)


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