Kaledon: Roman Power Metal at its Finest


Written by Brett Kihlmire

With their origins in covers of their favorite rock and metal acts, Rome’s own power metal juggernaut Kaledon has been ripping up the European Power Metal scene for 19 glorious years with unrelenting force!

Beginning in the final months of the 20th century, Kaledon began as a classic metal band playing their fair share of covers. Of course, it wasn’t long before the band changed their approach to the power metal sound they’re known for today. But Kaledon doesn’t just play fast and melodic music as the genre demands, they take it a step further with a long running storyline in their lyrics based on a story authored by lead guitarist and founding member, Alex Mele.

“Everything is based on my fantasy story ‘Legend of The Forgotten Reign.’ Every Kaledon’s album is based on it,” explains Mele, who by his own admission writes “90%” of the music and lyrics for the band.

With Mele’s epic story at their disposal, the band has unleashed ten full albums in their history with an ever evolving style that constantly pushes the boundaries of classic and power metal.

“We play a lot of metal styles so… I am not able to tell you if we are power, classic metal, or other… For sure there is a big power metal base,” says Mele.

With almost two decades of heavy metal dominance and an album just about every two years, the band is seemingly unstoppable. Of course, there have been numerous lineup changes over the years, especially on vocals.

“It is very difficult to find people with very strong desire to do so. I mean that after a period of apparent calm… everything could change,” laments Mele.

Fortunately, changing lineups hasn’t stopped Kaledon from sharing the stage with the likes of Ronnie James Dio, Tony Martin, Anvil, Gamma Ray, Rhapsody of Fire, Lordi, and many more that you’ve surely heard and adored.

But playing is the easy part, it’s making music that’s worth listening to and buying that’s the hard part.

“Every new album is a challenge!” says Mele. “You must try to find the alchemy again… the right emotions…feelings and all the important things that a new album needs.”

“By the way I think that the very last album was the greatest challenge, because we made a very different album! Different style, different singer and drummer, different record company, so you know… it was a great challenge,” he adds.

The new album is question is Carnagus: Emperor of The Darkness, which Mele says was “well received by everyone” and that its success “means that we have a new road in front of us! We’ll proceed in this way also in the future.”

Armed with a new album, a fresh approach to their sound, and a solid lineup, Kaledon is ready to do battle once again. Though touring is on the battle plan, the likelihood of the band crossing the ocean isn’t the highest of priority. However, if you can catch a Kaledon show at one of their European stops, then you’re in for a hell of a night as the band is known for “power energy and fuckin’ metal on your face!” for the time being, all of us in the western hemisphere can check them out on YouTube where the band has posted an arsenal of killer music videos.


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