Gallery: Hamburg Metal Dayz 2017

John Diva

Review and Photos by Rainer Kerber

Location: Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
Date: September, 22/23, 2017

“The hardest event on the Reeperbahn Festival” – for the sixth time the Hamburg Metal Dayz took place under this slogan. In the Markthalle Hamburg, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. the two-day indoor festival [organized by ICS (Wacken Open Air, Full Metal Cruise, …)] known as the Metal Dayz was sold out again.



The Friday evening started with a world premiere. Four outstanding female metal singers were on stage, united under the name of Exit Eden. A few weeks ago, the debut album Rhapsodies In Black was released, where the four singers reinterpreted pop-smash hits in heavy metal sound. But with no trace of nervousness. You could see how much fun they had together on stage. And for the Brazilian Marina La Torraca it was certainly a very special weekend. A day later, she stood at the FEMME in Eindhoven with her band Phantom Elite for the first time on stage.

Walking Dead on Broadway from Leipzig left an ambivalent impression on me. Musically, the Saxons went mercilessly off but the technically distorted growls could not delight me. Any Given Day from Genkenkirchen took the same line, but a little more melodic. Third band in this context was then Der Weg einer Freiheit from Bavaria – Black Metal with dark lighting and a matching the sound.

At the end of the evening I had to decide between the Ruhr Valley thrasher Sodom or Dutch doom metal with Dool. I opted for the Dutch Dark rock band based around singer and guitarist Ryanne van Dorst. With Micha Haring and Job van de Zande she has two members of the critically-acclaimed band The Devil’s Blood at her side. This was a great performance and a worthy completion of the first day.

Setlist Dool:

  • Vantablack
  • Golden Serpents
  • She Goat
  • In Her Darkest Hour
  • Words on Paper
  • The Death of Love
  • Oweynagat
  • The Alpha

Framework program

What makes the Hamburg Metal Dayz interesting is, that there is not just music but also a framework programme. Hannes Finkbeiner read from his book “Jogginghosen Henry” – a teenager meets his dream woman at an open air festival.

In the roundtable “Dream job: Something with music,” experts discussed career opportunities in the music industry. A hard job and a dream career can hardly be made.

In the Great Hall there was a prospect of the Full Metal Mountain, a multi-day metal festival in the Austrian ski region Nassfeld (Carinthia). Presenter and entertainer Maschine interviewed two of the participating bands (Sodom and TuXedoo).

Big question is what is a Beercrate session. Answer: Tom Angelripper (Sodom, Onkel Tom) sitting in front of the stage on a beer crate with the former chief editor of Metal Hammer Christof Leim sitting opposite him, also on a beer crate. In this casual conversation the musician from the Ruhrpott told stories from his long musical life. And the traditional questionnaire for Wacken Open Air took place in the Great Hall this year.



Saturday started with Metal Yoga in which Yoga Coach Saskia Thode got the body and mind of metalheads in attendance really going to hard metal sounds. Strangely enough, it was just the right preparation for the first gig of the evening, Taste of Greed from Hamburg who absolutely kicked ass.

Next up was TuXedoo from Upper Austria. Playing in traditional national costume, they presented their “Original Austrian Alps Core” that was a freaky mixture of traditional thrash and metalcore.

At John Diva & The Rockets of Love the atmosphere boiled over in the market hall. The music coach and songwriter from California celebrated with his band that was quite simply hair metal at its best. Hits such as “Here I Go Again”, “Hush” and “Paradise City” ensured huge mood. And the musicians were really showing off with US flag on stage and supported by two pretty cheerleaders. Although only cover songs were played, this energetic show was for me the absolute highlight of Metal Dayz.

After some truly crazy bands came and went Trollfest was next. The musicians from Norway describe their style as “True Norwegian Balkan Metal.” The influences of Bulgarian folklore were not to be overlooked.

Originally ex-AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was scheduled to rock the Markthalle, but since he had to cancel, the German metal in legends known as Grave Digger stepped into the breach. A well-placed Chris Boltendahl was visibly pleased to play again in Hamburg and guitarist Axel Ritt excelled again with excellent guitar solos. The Great Hall of the Markthalle was well-filled. The enthusiasm of the band jumped on the fans. Definitely a great backup plan!

After the framework program had ended in the MarX, Spoil Engine entered the stage. Iris Goessens, the frontwoman of the Dutch/Belgian band, shouted the soul out of her body. The fans in the half-filled small hall of the Markthalle went with enthusiasm.

The end of Hamburg Metal Dayz was marked by “Germany’s most band of the world,” Knorkator. In ‘Alter Mann”’ singer Stumpen (Gero Ivers) came in a “Fur-Something” that was a mixture of Yeti and shaggy demon. It was certainly quite warm underneath given the temperature in the hall, so gradually he took off his fur. As with other appearances, Stumpen brought the photographers on stage for a short time. And it was ruthlessly wheedled, whether ‘Ich lass mich klonen’, ‘Zähneputzen, Pullern und ab ins Bett’ or at the conclusion song ‘Wir werden alle sterben.’

Setlist Knorkator:

  • Alter Mann
  • Ich lass mich klonen
  • Der ultimative Mann
  • Ich bin der Boss
  • Die Geschichte vom Mohren
  • Du nich
  • Für meine Fans
  • Highway to Hell (AC/DC cover)
  • Buchstabe
  • Konflikt
  • Geh zu ihr (Puhdys cover)
  • Eldorado (Goombay Dance Band cover)
  • Du bist kein Mensch
  • Ich will nur ficken
  • Du bist schuld
  • Zähneputzen, Pullern und ab ins Bett
  • Eigentum


  • Böse
  • Weg nach unten
  • Wir werden alle sterben

Framework program

The work of the Wacken Foundation was presented at a discussion in the MarX. It explained how young musicians and festivals can be financially supported. Afterwards Shout Coach Thomas Fischer gave an insight into the theory and practice of screams in Metal. Pro tip – to ensure that shouts, growls and screams succeed, the singer has to train hard in the truest sense of the word.

Criminal psychologist Lydia Bennecke investigated why the metal scene is often associated with satanic crimes. Metallic poetry then gave Marock Bierlej – Metal Slam Poetry. And in the roundtable “What happens on tour, stays on tour … rock and roll stories from the road (Insider come clean!)” musicians, organizers and tour manager told about what actually happens on tour.

The sixth Hamburg Metal Dayz offered two days of varied musical entertainment and two days of interesting talks and readings. And the date for the seventh edition is already fort September 21/22, 2018. See you next year!



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