Become a Featured Artist

Are you in an awesome heavy metal band and looking for exposure? Do you have a new album or single that you’re dying to have reviewed? You’ve come to the right place! At Metal at the Gates we offer a variety of options to give your band or project as much exposure as possible. Our options are as follows:

Shred Lords – A feature article series focusing on incredibly talented guitarists.

Voices of Metal – A feature article series focusing on incredibly talented singers.

Underground Spotlight – A short article about why people have to hear this band. The idea is to drum up interest in a relatively unheard of band before writing a full feature article.

Feature Articles – A full length article covering the past, present, and future of your band or projects.

Reviews – We will review your live performance and/or your album, extended play, or single.

Galleries and Videos – We will come out to your show (if possible) and shoot either a photo gallery or video, or both.

News and Promotions – If your band has been covered before and you have something new coming up, we’ll publish it for all to see. Also, if you’re a promoter, we’ll gladly show your shows and organization support.


Our services are completely free and open to everyone in the worldwide heavy metal and hardcore community. All that we ask is that you have a finished product ready or soon to be ready such as a CD or Extended Play.


Please send all inquiries to Brett at – We will get back to you within a day or two, we swear!


Thank you for supporting the worldwide metal scene and stay metal, my friends.